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I was able to design a tee for Captain Pabst Pilot House in response to the shutdown of bars and restaurants from COVID-19 to help out the staff that has been out of work during all of this. They are for sale and up on 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of the Staff Support Tee will go towards the Pilot House team.

I had a ton of fun getting weird with this piece. It was actually an old sketch I had from a project awhile ago that didn’t quite make the cut. I thought I would tweak it slightly and after doing that, it seems to have made more sense for this project anyway. I was playing around with copy that went with “down the hatch” and wanted to juxtapose that with something about being hopeful. Thought the line “Down the Hatch, Up in Spirit” felt just right for this since it has a touch of nautical drinking and hope to relate back to the brand. The eye of Providence was more of a symbol of a higher being (whatever or whomever that is. Up for personal interpretation) watching over humanity as we all go through this terrible pandemic. Being that the brewery and taproom is in and old church, it felt just right. Head over to and pick one up.

Have an apparel project in mind that could use some illustration? Contact me and I’d love to discuss your project to see if we’re a good fit to collaborate.