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It has been a long time since I released a new product on my Etsy shop, so I decided to add a few things and will most-likely keep adding more consistently.


I decided to partner up with Tactile Craftworks to create some custom leather keychains. Made from 100% quality leather and crafted locally here in Milwaukee, WI. The Keep It Visual motel keychain was created as a reminder to myself to stick to what I’m good at, as a visual creative person. Words are not really my thing, which is why I probably found a career communicating in a visual way. There’s beauty in using your strengths. The Dancing Sword keychain was just a fun nod to not take things too seriously and have fun.


I also added another soft enamel pin to the shop. The pin was inspired by Milwaukee’s nickname, Cream City, and the numerous building around Milwaukee using Cream City brick.


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