I have an eye for detail and I stress over it daily. I thrive in typography, brand identity, illustration and art direction.

Growing up, I learned about hard work through my family of blue-collar workers. They had full-time jobs, but also worked on the side to make some extra money. I have that hustle engrained in me so much that every day as a kid, I wouldn’t go inside until I landed every skateboarding trick I knew how to do. It was tiring, but rewarding and that’s what I look for every day; that feeling of reward through hard work. That’s what has driven me to continue working full time as well as building a side gig I can be proud of and create work I am excited about. It’s lead me to great opportunities of working on client’s such as McDonald’s and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Call it passion or call it a labor of love.

On my free time I like to bust out the motorcycle and free my mind on a good, long ride. In the winter a snowboarding trip substitutes that.

I enjoy sampling craft beer and traveling to new places. I’m always open to learning and trying new things. I think that’s the fun in life.