I’m a graphic designer who has a love for typography, brand identity, packaging and illustration. Growing up, I learned about hard work through my family of blue-collar workers, specifically my father and my grandfather. They had full-time jobs, but also worked on nights and weekends on the side to make some extra money. I guess being around them helped to form my own work ethic and determination. I have it engrained in me so much that every day as a kid, I wouldn’t go inside until I landed every skateboarding trick I knew how to do even if I was limping and bloody. It was tiring, but rewarding and that’s what I look for every day, that feeling of reward through hard work and a little risk.

Skateboarding culture was what inspired me as a designer and illustrator early on in high school. I loved looking at graphics on decks and advertisements in magazines so much that I wore out every issue of Transworld and Thrasher I had. Although I don’t skate much anymore, riding my sportster is what gives me that rush of energy and freedom today that I craved as a kid on my skateboard.

Since September of 2017, I started a design studio with Joe Huber and Trevor Shorey called Three-Headed Design. We are open to new opportunities and would love to talk to you if you have a project in mind.