Branding / Art Direction / Lettering / Illustration

The Craftsman American Tavern is a bar and restaurant that is opening in fall of 2018. It was inspired by the lumberjacks, carpenters, masons and blacksmiths who put in a long days work, specifically in northern Wisconsin.

More to come.

We developed a responsive brand identity that works within different spaces. Secondary brand elements were also created for merchandise, wall murals, etc.

The Craftsman American Tavern was inspired by the craftsman of the north. Lumberjacks, carpenters, blacksmiths, masons. All the laborers who put in a long day who took pride in their work. The best reward is the pride of knowing it was A Job Well Done.

A brand guidelines book was created to inform people using the brand elements on usage in an effective way without compromising brand credibility. Logo usage, typography and color palette were addressed to form a consistent way to visually present the brand to the public.

Because of the uniqueness of the brand, we wanted to develop a typeface that was custom and reflected the vision. The typeface is based off of blue-color typography found in signage and tools. The edges were roughed-up to give that character of a worn, rugged feel.